Our Story

We were tired of not having enough storage in our pop top campervan. All our horizontal surfaces, benches, seats and bed were covered with stuff. Where could we store our jackets, clothes and gadgets when we were camped and somehow free up that bench space? The answer came whilst looking up at the large unused space that was created when the roof was raised.

Full height caravans and motor homes have the relative luxury of some overhead cupboards for storage. Something that pop-top and wind-up roof camper owners have jealously accepted that they will never have. Of course there have been some ingenious solutions over the years, but now there is the innovative new SKY TRACKS Storage System that’s able to expand and evolve as your storage requirements change.

The backbone of this clever new system is an extruded aluminium track that can be easily mounted to the ceiling of your van. By taking advantage of easily accessible yet previously underused areas in your van, SKY TRACKS’ range of different storage accessories can be securely attached and easily removed to personally configure this space to your liking.

We have used the SKY TRACKS storage system on several extended trips to see how it all performs. We were amazed at how much bench space we uncovered. Storing our clothes in the SKY TRACKS Storage Bags removed the need for a suitcase and the eye level access made finding the clothes that we wanted a breeze. Our jackets and hats also finally had a home on the hinged hooks up and out of everyone’s way.

The SKY TRACKS storage system was developed primarily for pop-top and wind up roof campers, but as other RVers have seen SKY TRACKS in use, we have been surprised at some of the other applications that the SKY TRACKS storage system has been used.

As an example, the owners of a full height motorhome were constantly travelling during the day and drying their towels was a becoming an issue. By fitting a pair of SKY TRACKS ceiling tracks above their bed, along with a few SKY TRACKS hinged hooks and some cord, they now have an inside drying line during the day which is easily slid out of the way at night.

Take a few minutes and have a look through our website. We are sure that you will find a storage solution to suit your needs.