Q: How do I install the Sky Tracks profile?

A: Simple DIY process

Tools and equipment: knife, Philips head screwdriver, power drill, 3.5mm diameter drill bit (suitable for aluminium), tape measure, pencil, 6g countersunk wood screws (suggest 16mm long for 3mm thick ceiling plywood panels), electronic stud finder (optional), safety glasses/goggles (highly recommended)

Step 1: Open the carton with the knife taking care not to damage the contents.

Step 2: Work out where you are going to position the Sky Tracks profiles. The final position depends on how you want the Storage Bags to hang. Assemble a Storage Bag, grab some Hinged Hooks and do a test run.

Option 1 is to position the Sky Tracks profile as close to the tent side wall as possible then hang the Storage Bag from the rear side handles. The rear of the Storage Bag is then supported by the tent side wall.

Option 2 is to have the Storage Bag hang from the centre handles away from the tent side walls.

Make a small pencil mark noting the centre of Hinged Hook position. This will be the position of centre of the Sky Tracks profile.

Step 3: Determine whether there are any timber beams behind the ceiling panel. If there are joins in the ceiling panels then there is a good chance that there is a beam behind the join. Else you can do the “knock” with your knuckle test to hear if the area behind the panel sounds hollow or use an electronic stud finder like this one if you want. http://www.bunnings.com.au/stanley-intellisensor-stud-sensor_p5663710

Step 4: Mark the hole positions. Place the Sky Tracks profile into position and using the pencil, mark the profile where the timber beam is located. Remove the profile and mark for holes about 30mm in from both ends (gives clearance for the End Caps) and then drill 1 hole for every 200-300mm.

Step 5: Drill holes into profile (not the ceiling). Using a 3.5mm diameter drill bit, drill the hole from the front of the profile. There is a small drill start groove in the bottom of the gap. Watch out for the aluminium swarf, it is sharp and can cut your fingers/feet/eyes. Use a sacrificial backing board so you don’t damage the kitchen bench, or better still, do it outside.

Step 6: Screw profile into place. Do not drill holes into the ceiling. Using the philips head screwdriver, screw the 6g countersunk screw through the drilled hole in the Sky Tracks profile and into the ceiling panel. Do not over tighten the screw in case you strip the timber with the screw thread.

Step 7: Install the Hinged Hooks. Loosen off the screws in the Hinge Hooks so that they can slide into the Sky Tracks profile. Slide into position and lock into place using the screws.

Step 8: Install the End Caps. Loosen off the screws in each End Cap and slide into the ends of the Sky Tracks profile and lock in place using the screws.



Q1: How much weight can each bag take?

A1: The bags are intended to be packed with clothing, large bulky food and other similar lightweight, but high volume items.Not bowling balls, encyclopedia or the like.

Q2: How much weight can the track themselves take?

A2: Depends on the number of screws and what you are screwing into. We are hesitant to place exact numbers as we do not know the condition of your ceiling panel or the roof lifting mechanism. As a test, try putting a 6g screw into an unseen part of the ceiling and see how well it holds.

Q3: Does the extra weight on one side of the roof make the roof warp or lean to that side?

A3: We have 4 Storage Bags on one side of our old van filled with clothing. We have not seen any issues, as we have kept the weights reasonable. Again, it depends on the condition of the roof and the roof lifting mechanism.



Q1: I cannot get the Discount Code to work. What is happening?

A1: If you are the lucky holder of a Discount Code for our online store you must add ALL the items to the Shopping Cart before entering and applying the Discount Code. Make sure you include the specific item(s) that the Discount Code applies to.

Q2: Where do I find a Discount Code?

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